Axerra Networks

AXN1-N Pseudo-Wire Access Device

For Voice and Data Integration over Packet-based Access Networks

Axerra Networks’ AXN1-N is a flexible, compact, customer-located Pseudo-Wire access device designed to enable cost-effective voice and data integration over packet-based access networks, such as Carrier Ethernet, cable HFC, xDSL, EPON/GPON, WiMAX, and IP.

The AXN1-N allows service providers to open up new and immediate revenue opportunities by enabling profitable legacy voice and data services, such as T1/E1 private line, as well as advanced Ethernet capabilities over next-generation packet-based access networks using a single, standards-based, Pseudo-Wire access device.

By offering the full range of voice and data services over a single, unified, packet-based infrastructure, providers can cut costs, increase revenues and expand their market while preserving business customers’ investments in existing equipment, thereby ensuring a non-disruptive migration path to packet-based networks.

The AXN1-N Pseudo-Wire access device is available with one T1/E1 port or one serial port, as well as three Ethernet interfaces of which two are 10/100BaseT and one is 100BaseFx (SFP). The AXN1-N is based on Axerra’s field-proven multiservice over packet (MSoP) technology and is fully interoperable with the other members of the AXN family: AXN 10, AXN800 and AXN1600, delivering the industry’s most scalable family of Pseudo-Wire gateways and access devices.


Pseudo-Wire Emulation: A mechanism that emulates the essential attributes of a specific service such as T1/E1 leased line or Frame Relay over a Packet-Switched Network



  • IETF PWE3-based Pseudo-Wire capabilities including T1/E1 Circuit Emulation Service (CES), FR, and HDLC
  • Industry-leading CES including enhanced jitter management
  • The industry's most robust RTP-based clock recovery (HPCR®)
  • VLAN tagging and switching
  • Advanced QoS mechanisms, including rate limiting on a per-port basis, DiffServ, and Ethernet VLAN 802.1Q/P
  • Seamless interoperability with all existing CPEs, including PABXs, FRADs, IADs, switches, and routers
  • Remote management capabilities through Axerra’s CLI and AXNVision™ NMS.


  • GSM/UMTS and CDMAone/CDMA2000 backhaul over packet-based RANl
  • T1/E1 circuit emulation for TDM leased-line replacement
  • PBX-to-PSTN backhaul and PBX-to-PBX (tie-line) connectivity
  • Frame Relay service delivery and interworking
  • HDLC virtual leased lines for X.25/SNA/IPX/FR

For more information including product specifications,
please download the PDF version of this datasheet.

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