Annie's Kit Clubs Review

Once we visit the official website of Annie’s Kit Clubs, we will be amazed at how it offers various crafts for our kids to try. There are various kinds of crafts to enhance our kids’ creativity. Choices are endless and we and our kids won’t get bored of trying each of them.

Annie's Kit Clubs Review
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Basically, not only for our kids, but this club is also specially made for everyone that is crazy about crafts no matter the type, level, or flavor of the craft.

Nothing can doubt the popularity of this brand, it even has 171k followers on Facebook, 62.6k followers on Instagram, 6.1k on Pinterest, and 1k followers on TikTok. All craft lovers are so into this club.

In this Annie’s Kit Clubs Review, we give you some insights about this club including in-depth product reviews, pricing, and many things you must know before buying the product.

Let’s dive in!

Why Annie's Kit Clubs

It is actually easy to find websites that offer various crafts to enhance creativity for kids. but, Annie’s Kit Clubs is one in a million. This website pays such very serious detail about crafts, particularly for kids. Kids can create new things which are not only beautiful but also meaningful.

We should admit that we might find difficulties in finding crafts with easy steps for kids to follow. This is the major concern of Annie’s Kit Clubs. Kids won’t find a problem in following the steps so they will love to create new things every time they want.

Don’t worry, our kids won’t find problems when it is the first time for them to try new crafts. There are crafts from smaller kids to bigger ones. Choices of materials also vary so that kids can adjust their abilities.

Annie’s Kit Clubs Highlights

  • Various crafting club options
  • Excellent quality products offer
  • Affordable

What's On Annie's Kit Clubs

The best thing about joining Annie’s Kit Clubs is its various kinds of crafts from different materials. Kids can choose the simplest craft like card-making. For bigger kids, they can try knitting or beading. There are also woodworking crafts for those who are already accustomed to creating different crafts.

Annie’s Kit Clubs Options

Yarn Kids Paper
Crochet General Crafts Jewelry
Knit Quilt & Sew Fabric

Annie’s Kit Clubs Products

Christmas Delivery Simply Beads Young Woodworkers Knit Supplies Yarn
Hook & Needle Creative Woman Farmhouse Style Tools & Notions  
Fat Quarter Creative Girls Crochet Supplies Craft Supplies  

Members who join one of the Kit Clubs offers can get ready-to-go craft kits. They are sent directly to our house. Every kit contains different kinds of materials and instructions for every project. Our kids can try directly, once they get the package at our doorstep.

Thus, in the next section, we review some of the best clubs and products that you might be interested in joining and buying. Without further ado, let’s move on to the next step!

Annie's Kit Clubs Yarn Review

Yarn craft kits are considered as one of the most challenging ones. It is likely that our kids never tried knitting before. But, there are more beneficial features of yarn craft kits from Annie’s Kit Clubs.

Annie's Kit Clubs Yarn Review
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We can choose Caring Crochet Kit Club to enjoy more than just crocheting. We can make meaningful things for those who are in need. While we and our kids can learn crocheting and increase our skills for more, we will get a new kit every four weeks.

The special thing about this new kit is the new materials for creating a new project, containing a pattern and yarns. There is also important information for us to donate our completed project. Annie’s Kit Clubs is partnering with reputable organizations in which we can make a significant difference in others’ lives as we donate crochet projects!

Other projects that we can try include Crochet Block Afghan, Crochet Mandala Afghan, Love to Knit Socks, Moroccan tile knit, and many more. There are different knitting patterns that we can choose from. There is no shortage of patterns for us to create more handmade products.

Annie's Kit Clubs Crochet Starter Pack Review

Crochet Starter Pack is considered as one of the most interesting things that we can opt for. Crocheting requires great patience and a high level of concentration. It is not only good for us but also for our kids.

Annie's Kit Clubs Crochet Starter Pack Review
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We can choose various subscription kits lineups containing different crochet projects. We can wear them, or even share them with others. We can even donate our creativity to charities. While we can keep our hands busy while increasing skills sharply, we can also teach our kids to deal more with this interesting activity.

Annie's Kit Clubs Knit Starter Pack Review

Besides crocheting, we can also try Annie’s Kit Clubs starter pack. Once we subscribe, we can get all the yarn and patterns, so we can knit or even crochet. What can be better than that?

Annie's Kit Clubs Knit Starter Pack Review
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We don’t need to worry, even if we are beginners. We still can try enhancing our skills to create adorable items. We can teach our kids to appreciate handmade products by creating them. We can make them as beautiful gifts because we can add a personalized touch, based on our taste.

Imagine that we have endless opportunities to create things from the simplest socks to the most challenging tote bags. Our handmade gifts will be very meaningful to others, whether they offer vintage or modern looks.

How Does Annie’s Kit Club Work?

Annie’s Kit Club offers convenience features for us. We don’t have to shop for materials before we create our projects. We only have to join the subscription and we will get a new kit containing complete tools and materials each month. There are always new inspirations for us to try.

Don’t worry. We can cancel our membership at any time when we are not satisfied with the kit. But, we can rest assured that we are totally satisfied, and even mesmerized by everything within the kit. Such service is beyond compare.

Annie's Kit Clubs Pricing

Basically, pricing varies depending on the product you wanna buy. But one thing we realize once we explore the products, all of them are affordable!

Starting with the Cardmaker, which only has a price of $24.99, Crochet at $6.99, and Knit at $8.99. All of them come with the best quality that will not make you regret in buying them.

Is Annie's Kit Clubs Worth It?

Nothing is more satisfying than joining Annie’s Kit Clubs. We can find lots of reviews about satisfied members. They claim that they are always excited with new kits every month with new ideas that they can create.

What’s more, we can spend quality time with our kids in trying new things regularly. All we have to do is wait for our new kit every month with different materials and patterns to try. There is no limitation for us to try challenging patterns.

Annie's Kit Clubs Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

It’s not complete if you don’t know what Annie’s Kit Clubs customers say about what they get from this brand. So, we specially create this section to show you what the customers think.

The first customer comment about the membership this club has:

I’m thrilled with my membership and look forward to several more years of receiving your superb kits! I love crafts of all kinds and love to try things, so this provides me a wonderful opportunity – having it come each month is an added bonus! Keep up the good work!

Another one gives thanks to the excellent quality this brand provides:

I couldn’t be more pleased, and from the quality of the materials to the clarity of the instructions, it was such a pleasure to make! I look forward to receiving my next kit, and making my next project!

And, the last one show how he feels in learning how to crochet through this club:

Although I know how to crochet, I learned something in the beginning basic first step. It teaches you lots of stitches. I have been enjoying it.

Basically, we get all of those comments from its official store, and most of them are satisfied with all of they get from the brand.

Annie's Kit Clubs Customer Service

How To Contact Annie's Kit Clubs

If you have any inquiries about the products and other things, you can easily get in touch with the customer service team through one of these ways:

  • Phone: (800) 282-6643
  • Form

The team will respond to your call only during work hours, which are 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. CT for Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. CT for Saturday, and 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. CT for Sunday.

Where To Buy Annie's Kit Clubs

The only safe place to buy all of Annie’s Kit Clubs’ products is at its official store since you can get the original product at the best price.

Moreover, you can also sign up for their membership to get the updated promotion for their products.

Annie's Kit Clubs Promo Codes

Looking for promo codes that currently work in Annie’s Kit Clubs? Unfortunately, we haven’t found it. But don’t bother. We have several to share. Let’s take a look!

  • Discounted price in most already cheap items
  • Fundraising
  • Discount on exclusive events
  • FREE shipping
  • Join an affiliate program to earn

That’s a lot. But you can check other promos that are currently heading in on their official website.

How do I cancel Annie's kit club?

It’s super easy and fasts to make cancellations. After you submit a membership cancellation request, you’ll get their email confirmation.

But if you have an issue with the process, you can contact their customer service to solve it.


So, there is no need to wait after reading this Annie’s Kit Clubs review. Join Annie’s Kit Clubs and you will have lots of opportunities to enjoy different activities for you and the whole family members. You can opt for different craft packages from yarn, crochet, knit, general crafts, paper, quilt and sew fabric and jewelry. Explore your creativity now by joining Annie’s Kit Clubs!

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