Retrolife Record Player Review

When you talk about music, vinyl is the thing you cannot forget about. Due to this simple reason, a group of young people interested in turntables created Retrolife

Retrolife Record Player Review
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These people have the same enthusiasm for vinyl and decided to create something later. As a result, the brand’s products are trendy, yet they also feature retro. 

Although you cannot find the founder’s name and establishment year, this company has significantly grown, producing more than 2.7K followers on Facebook and Instagram. 

Furthermore, the company wants you to experience a magnificent music-listening routine by providing HiFi quality. So if this company bewitched you, stay tuned to learn on the Retrolife review. Hence, let’s jump into the next section! 

Why Retrolife Record Player?

This music company offers turntables and record players, which can bring you to the next level of listening to music. However, do you know other factors that can make this brand glows? See them closer!

Why Retrolife Record Player?
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As discussed, it offers many collections, from vintage to modern. You can choose the one you like the most to provide high-quality material. 

Also, it provides high fidelity or HiFi quality, allowing you to hear it at the utmost audio quality. Therefore, you would not hear imperfect instruments but stick to clear sounds.  

Thirdly, the products are compatible with stereo and Bluetooth speakers. This feature allows you to listen to the music through another sound device o that it becomes more intimate and precise in your ears.  

Next, this brand is aware of carbon emissions on earth by providing sustainable, recyclable packaging with lower carbon emission materials.  

I know you may be furious if your order takes longer to be sent. However, don’t worry because this company offers fast processes of around 48 hours. Even better, you may enjoy free US shipping with no minimum orders. 

I can guarantee you will fall in love immediately with this company. But, in the end, are you ready to join the satisfied customers? 

What's On Retrolife Record Player

You know already that this company offers the most innovative ideas to bring vinyl back from your memories. However, I will further break it down, giving you a deeper understanding. 

What's On Retrolife Record Player
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This company mainly sells Turntables, Media Stands, and Speakers. Meanwhile, this Retrolife review will concentrate on the three all-rounders below. 

So let’s dig deeper into the abovementioned products without further ado! 

Retrolife Record Player Review

Bluetooth Record Player HiFi SY101

Say hi to the best-selling Bluetooth Record Player HiFi SY101, which weighs 21.21 lbs. This product features Hi-Fi, allowing you to hear the music from the bass to the treble. 

Retrolife Record Player Review
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In addition, you can use the built-in Bluetooth feature with external speakers. However, please remember that this item is incompatible with wireless earbuds or speakers. 

Instead, you may still find a rich tenor and clear bass due to the top-quality magnet cartridge. The adjustable counterweight, belt-driven system, and iron platter are great features for music lovers. 

Furthermore, the speaker’s dimensions are 6 x 6 x 9 inches. Thus, you can spend leisure time listening to the original sound of your music efficiently. 


  • Hi-Fi quality
  • In-built Bluetooth technology 
  • Compatible with speakers
  • Promotes clear and original sounds 

Then, click the link below to purchase this record player for only $319.99 now! 

Retrolife Turntable Review

Bluetooth HIFI Turntable UD006

Bluetooth HIFI Turntable UD006 is the perfect present for music lovers. It features manual two-speeds with treble and bass. Due to the two designs, this record player Bluetooth allows you to switch the speed. 

Retrolife Turntable Review
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This product has a HiFi feature, so you can hear the original music thoroughly. Not only does it great and gorgeous, but also the brand makes it with high-quality materials. 

Thanks to the in-built Bluetooth, you can connect it to several devices. This feature is heaven because you can listen to music from the player, speakers, phone, and even headset. 


  • Hi-Fi quality
  • In-built Bluetooth technology 
  • Compatible with speakers, phones, and headsets 
  • Promotes clear and original sounds 

Then, prepare a budget for around $349.99 to buy this item. If you click the link below now, you’ll get a $70 discount which only results in $279.99. So, let’s buy it ASAP! 

Retrolife Vintage Portable Record Player R609 Review

The final product is a suitcase record player that combines retro and contemporary design. The Vintage Portable Record Player R609 is available in four: Black, Pink, Blue, and White shades. 

Retrolife Vintage Portable Record Player R609 Review
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It is another perfect gift for travelers who love to listen to music. Additionally, the player features two built-in Bluetooth, allowing you to hear the audio from speakers or headsets. 

You’ll hear crips and clear sounds whenever you start the music. Moreover, the suitcase is lightweight, around 5.20 lbs, with 13.97 x 10.51 x 4.15 dimensions. Thus, you can bring it anywhere efficiently! 


  • Two in-built Bluetooth technology 
  • Compatible with speakers, phones, and headsets 
  • Promotes clear and original sounds 
  • One-the-go suitcase record player

So, let’s check the availability and purchase this product for only $109.99! 

Retrolife Pricing

How much does it cost?

You may be worried about the pricing from this music company. However, no need to do that because it offers the most reasonable price you can afford. 

The lowest is $89.99, a Record Player Stand with Vinyl Storage. In contrast, Record Player Cabinet with Drawer costs $419.99. 

Don’t forget to apply the available coupon codes so that you may purchase the R608 Vintage Turntable with Speaker and Bluetooth Wireless at a lower price! 

Retrolife Record Player How to Use

Newcomers must be curious about how to use the record player. So, I will break down the six steps you can do to play your most lovable music. Here we go! 

  1. Place the record player on the horizontal place and stable table 
  2. Please ensure that this player is out of reach from vibration because it will influence the sound quality
  3. After that, put the vinyl records into the player
  4. Then, start playing the music by putting down the needle 
  5. If you want to hear the music from speakers, connect the USB cable to the stereo
  6. But if you prefer Bluetooth speakers, then immediately link to listen to them clearly 
  7. Once the music ends, lift the needle immediately 
  8. Avoid leaving the needle too long because it can crash the vinyl surfaces.

Remember that the needle has a lifetime. If the condition is too bad to use, change it on the record player service or claim the warranty if the period still exists. 

Retrolife Pros and Cons

I want you to know this music company’s good and bad sides. So, this Retrolife review will provide the pros and cons. See them closer! 

Retrolife Pros

  • Provides high-quality record player and turntable
  • Compatible with Bluetooth and provides HiFi system
  • Provides vintage and modern portable items 
  • Affordable prices
  • Offers 12-month warranty 
  • Sustainable packaging 
  • 48-hours package processing 
  • Free US shipping 
  • Offers 60-day return guarantee
  • Has many good feedbacks from customers 

Retrolife Cons

  • It doesn’t mention the founder and establishment year
  • Only ships to the US countries

Is Retrolife Worth to Buy?

You finish reading the turntable review very well. Now, you may find it curious whether the brand is worth it. I must say Retrolife is worth buying

The reason is that it combines practical features for all music lovers. Not only are the products well-made, but also they are easy to use. 

Furthermore, you can purchase it for yourself or your beloved people. Not to mention the HiFi technology, Bluetooth and its compatibility with speakers and headsets. So don’t worry anymore, let’s start the shopping! 

Retrolife Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

In this section of the Retrolife review, I will break down the customer testimonials. I know you have more curiosity and are trying to search for the brand on Reddit. But let’s begin now! 

Retrolife Customer Reviews
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First, take a look at the rating of the abovementioned products. 

The ratings are incredibly lofty. What about the testimonials? Below is what a customer said:

… This player exceeded my expectations because it played so clearly. It’s amazing how great the sound quality was. Not even a single skip or swipe on my worst record. 100% worth giving money into this product. …

This buyer is happy to find a clear record player with high-quality sound. She claims that it is worth the money. 

Another one said:

… it has an excellent clear and crisp sound which is very loud. Excellent-build quality and is very stable. I really like the way it looks. …

This customer finds the sound clear and crisp but also loud. He also loves the quality due to the balanced and well-made designs.

Therefore, I can say that Retrolife does many things to provide the best product and service. As a result, most of the customers are satisfied and provide perfect ratings. 

Retrolife Warranty

Luckily, this company offers a 12-month warranty for record players and turntables. Customers may claim the guarantee by contacting

Furthermore, do not worry about not getting the reply because customer service stays lifetime. Hence, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance to claim the policy. 

How to Contact Retrolife

If you want to contact the team to ask about several vintage products, such as HQ-KZ006 or R612, get in touch with them at the methods below:

  • Email:
  • Phone Number: + 86 188 167 860 55
  • Social Media
    • Instagram: @retrolife_player
    • Facebook:  @retrolifeplayer

Furthermore, you may also send your question through the bottom right live chat on the website. Also, you may contact the address below to send mail or visit the office. 

Retrolife Address
No. 106, Fangze East Road
Building 1 X1301, G022314
Nansha District Guangzhou

Where to Buy Retrolife

Music lovers may purchase a vintage record player and the turntable system HiFi or Bluetooth through the official website or Amazon. They are the places that provide original items from the company. 

Furthermore, you may use the RTL30 discount code to enjoy $30 off on your first order. Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to the website for promotions and exclusive deals! Now, click the link below and get current deals! 


The record player with the HiFi feature will allow you to hear the original sounds crispily. Moreover, thanks to Retrolife music company, you can purchase that product affordably. 

Not only is the company creates retro style, but also its contemporary sides are incredibly marvellous. Thus, which of the record player above attracts your attention? Whichever it is, let’s buy it now! 

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