Spray Planet Reviews

A graffiti paint retailer is heaven for painters. Luckily, you do not need to find a supplier anymore! Spray Planet is steadily providing high-quality products from popular companies. 

Spray Planet Reviews
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facebook.com/sprayplanet https://facebook.com/sprayplanet

This art supplier was founded in 2014. It doesn’t mention the founder, yet it has many loyal customers, from teenagers to adults. In addition, you won’t regret buying from this place since it is official. 

The brand is an official retailer of Montana Colors. But it also provides other brands such as Krink, Grog, Sakura, and Posca. You cannot find it on publication media, but it has more than 373K followers on Instagram and 29.3K on Facebook. 

So if you are a painter who wants an official product, look no further than stay tuned to this Spray Planet review. Hence, without further ado, let’s explore this company! 

Why Shop at Spray Planet?

You’ve learned enough concerning the brand’s introduction. However, don’t you wonder why you should buy from this retailer? Then, keep reading to find the answers!

Why Shop at Spray Planet?
Image credit: facebook.com/sprayplanet
facebook.com/sprayplanet https://facebook.com/sprayplanet

First, this company is a trusted and official supplier that only stocks original products from the manufacturer. Moreover, you will not find any fake items because the brand only carries the most reliable graffiti and street art companies. 

Secondly, the brand has anything you need and places it securely in a massive warehouse. It is incredibly huge and can pile up any items from paints, spray paints, markers, and so on in a 15,000 square feet location. 

Not only is this retailer has an excellent warehouse, but also it is the first company that opens the first flagship MTN Colors in Los Angeles. As a result, customers can purchase the products online or immediately buy at the store. 

Last but not least, this company prioritizes the customer’s affairs. It ships on weekdays and offers free shipping when you order over $99. The more you buy, the more advantage you’ll receive! 

To summarize, this brand does not have bad things to be avoided. But conversely, customers can trust it to purchase original art supplies from the firsthand manufacturer. 

What's On Spray Planet

This official artsy retailer has everything you need for your creative works, whether you paint on a vast canvas, winter train, wall, or tunnel. So this chapter will tell you seven categories of the brand’s products. 

What's On Spray Planet
Image credit: facebook.com/sprayplanet
facebook.com/sprayplanet https://facebook.com/sprayplanet

Check them on this table. 

Spray Markers or Ink Paints and Refills
Packs Caps Accessories

However, this Spray Planet review will elaborate on the two, are:

  • MTN 94 Spray Paint 
  • Gift Card

So, are you ready to see them closer? Let’s begin! 

Spray Planet MTN 94 Spray Paint Reviews

Are you looking for matte-finish spray paint? If so, MTN 94 Spray Paint will be the best answer! It is the most versatile aerosol and is valuable for the money.

Spray Planet MTN 94 Spray Paint Reviews
Image credit: sprayplanet.com
sprayplanet.com https://sprayplanet.com

In addition, the paint is available in 217 shades, including seven fluorescent and ten transparent. So you won’t be confused about selecting the color you want for your creative works anymore. 

Furthermore, it features a quick-drying ability and promotes low pressure. Thanks to the qualified ingredients, you won’t spend any drips but finish the painting immediately due to the 400 ml size spray paint from Montana Colors. 


  • Versatile aerosol 
  • Available in 217 shades 
  • Promotes matte finish
  • Quick drying
  • Low pressure
  • Water-resistant

Hence, let’s buy this water-resistant paint for the fascinating results for only $6.99 per bottle!

Spray Planet Gift Card Reviews

Spray Planet offers Gift Card for anyone who wants to send a present to beloved people. It is a perfect solution if you live apart from them. 

Spray Planet Gift Card Reviews
Image credit: sprayplanet.com
sprayplanet.com https://sprayplanet.com

In addition, there are five nominals that you can select from $10, $25, $50, $100, and $250. Again, this choice will benefit the buyers because they can suit it with the budget. 

Once you check them out, the team will send the gift card to the recipient’s email, which includes a code to redeem the gift. So, are you interested in giving an art supply voucher? Let’s choose your preferred nominal now! 


  • Available in 5 nominals 
  • Suitable for art lovers
  • Easy purchase 
  • Send immediately to the recipient 

How Much is The Price of Spray Planet?

Because this company is a retailer, it offers affordable prices and wholesale for bulk orders. As a result, you can purchase the art compartments reasonably. 

The range of prices starts from $1.77 up to $394.99. The lowest comes from a sharpie, whereas the highest is a 48-pack of MTN Water-based Spray Paint. 

Luckily, the brand offers many discount codes and deals. The latest one is during Black Friday and New Year Sale. I’ll write you several available codes which will end this month: 

  • Get $10 off when you buy $110+ by using code JAN1023
  • Enjoy $20 off on orders of $215+ with code JAN2023
  • Receive $30 off if you buy more than $325 by applying code JAN3023

So, let’s get the offer now! 

Spray Planet Pros and Cons

If you need a brief explanation of Spray Planet review, these pros and cons comparisons may help. Then, check them out below. 

Spray Planet Pros

  • Official retailer of Montana Colors
  • Provide paint compartments for creative work
  • Offers affordable prices
  • Offers many discount codes and limited deals
  • It has many collections to offer
  • Ships to 48 states in the US
  • Complimentary shipping costs on orders over $99 
  • Provides 30-day return policy 

Spray Planet Cons

  • It doesn’t mention the founder’s name. 
  • It doesn’t ship outside the US countries. 

Is Spray Planet Worth to Buy?

Finding a qualified art supplier is easy. However, not all of them are officially coordinated with a firsthand manufacturer. Luckily, Spray Planet is a worth-it retailer that works officially with MTN Colors. 

Furthermore, the collections are complete for creative works. Therefore, you do not need to buy two items from different stores. Instead, stick to this place to supply your artwork. 

Not to mention that the company has opened a flagship store, allowing you to buy immediately. Hence, no need to think twice about buying the items you need now! 

Is Spray Planet Legit?

After checking on the brand’s worthiness, you might still have further questions concerning a legit website. Fortunately, Spray Planet provides a legit website for online purchases. 

This privilege comes with an SSL certificate and information that a wannabe customer needs before buying. In addition, you can see how complete the policies and product explanations are. 

Furthermore, the brand writes several testimonials immediately on the website’s display. So if you need assistance, please contact them ASAP through the written information on the website. 

Spray Planet Customer Reviews

What Do Buyers Think?

Reading this Spray Planet review is not complete without the customer testimonials. This chapter will walk you through a brief explanation concerning customer satisfaction. 

Spray Planet Customer Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/sprayplanet
facebook.com/sprayplanet https://facebook.com/sprayplanet

Unfortunately, I cannot find many testimonials on the website. However, thanks to the brand’s official Facebook, it receives a 4.7/5 rating from 23 reviews. Here is what a customer said:

Awesome customer service! The fastest shipping, and the best prices for bulk packs!

This buyer has excellent assistance from the customers. In addition, the shipping is fast! Not to mention that wholesale is perfect for the money. 

Another one said:

Best site for graff supplies in the world! Easy ordering, fast delivery, and great service!

This customer is also delighted to find graffiti supplies. The site is top-notch and promotes easy order. Furthermore, the delivery is flash. They are making him claim excellent service from the brand. 

Therefore, I can say that Spray Planet does the best in providing products and services. So many people are satisfied, and the customer service is on the next level. 

How to Contact Spray Planet

Painters who want to ensure the products for graffiti may have more questions regarding this company. So please follow the customer service upon these methods:

  • Email: shop@sprayplanet.com
  • Phone Number: +1 (844) 686-1994 
  • Facebook: Spray Planet
  • Instagram: @sprayplanet

Also, please be patient because customer service will reply within 24 hours. But if you need to check the stock or other vital issues, the following location may help. 

Spray Planet Address
7391 Anaconda Ave, 
Garden Grove, CA
92841 USA

Spray Planet Near Me

Where To Buy Spray Planet

As discussed, the company is the most significant retailer of Montana Colors. Customers may purchase the products through the official website or find the near me Montana Store in Los Angeles. 

The address is located at 400 Seaton St, Los Angeles, CA. If you prefer online shopping, fill up your cart with over $99 for free shipping to your door. Don’t forget to apply the discount code for a more affordable price! 


Dig deeper on Spray Planet

This art retailer knows you have more questions about the brand. Below, I will write several answers to reply to your curiosity. Check them out! 

Who owns Spray Planet?

Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t provide information regarding the owner. But customers can purchase the items because the company is active in the business. 

Is 94 spray paint waterproof?

Yes, this MTN 94 is water-resistant and promotes quick drying. 

How long do orders take on Spray Planet?

Orders from this company will arrive in 48 states in the US around one to five business days via UPS and USPS. 


Painting graffiti or street art requires a lot of effort. The painter must be skillful, and the compartments must be complete. 

Trusting Spray Planet will make your life easier. It is an official retailer with the original products from the first-hand manufacturer. Hence, let’s see what item you need now and buy it immediately! 

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