The Washi Tape Shop Reviews

Creativity isn’t built in a night, but you can depend on high-quality art supplies to combine with your skill. The Washi Tape Shop will be the best place to buy journaling and scrapbooking stationaries. 

The Washi Tape Shop Reviews
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This company was established in 2017 and is based in Ontario, Canada. It doesn’t mention the owner, yet the brand is famous for its beautiful and well-made designs

Additionally, it collaborates with many talented artists in creating washi tapes and journaling content—for example, Torry of @torrynmarieart, Miranda of @thatbujolady, and Jenn of @kaiilatte. 

The brand offers many collections from flowery tapes, animals, foods, and even people. Even though you can’t see its reputation in the media, the company’s followers are incredible! There are 428K on Instagram and 266K on Facebook. 

So if you need any recommendations for your journal stuff, there is no need to look for other than reading this The Washi Tape Shop review. Then, let’s jump into the following chapter! 

Why The Washi Tape Shop?

You know that there are many other brands selling washi tapes. However, do you know why you should buy things from this company? So read this section thoroughly to find the answer. 

Why The Washi Tape Shop?
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The first reason is this company utilizes premium technology and material. It only uses high-quality washi tapes and eco-friendly printing technology. As a result, you will see the best washi tapes on the market. 

Thanks to the dedicated manufacturing center in Shenzen, China, this art supplier can produce the items in-house with a state-of-art Japanese HD digital printing machine. It results in vibrant and glided color ever! 

Next, the brand offers wide variations of themes and collaboration with artists. It only serves the best by creating original artwork for all customers. Thus, no need to worry about running out of ideas for your art. 

The high rating of this company will be another reason for trusting the brand. So many customers love the product and service, making it hard to stop stalking this stationery supplier. 

Lastly, the brand always prioritizes customers by shipping internationally. Wherever you live or stay, the team will aid in preparing your package and send it safely to your destination. 

I wouldn’t say much because you already understand the brand’s flexes. Hence, let’s check out your desired items now! 

What's On The Washi Tape Shop

As previously discussed, this art supplier has many collections to offer. All of them are stationaries to complete your journaling journey. 

What's On The Washi Tape Shop
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Below are six categories that this supplier provides:

Washi Tapes Journals and Planners
Stickers Stamp and Stamp Kits
Pen and Pencils Bookmarks

But digging deeper into all categories will take time. Hence, The Washi Tape Shop review will concentrate on two all-rounders, are:

So, let’s begin the exploration of the first product ASAP! 

The Washi Tape Shop Silver Dream Catcher Washi Tape Set Reviews

Say hi to the washi tapes that can bring you to a nice dream. The Silver Dream Catcher Washi Tape Set is available in white and black with gold stickers. 

The Washi Tape Shop Silver Dream Catcher Washi Tape Set Reviews
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It is dreamy with night-themed pictures, such as feathers, a crescent, or even a full moon. Additionally, it features a dual-layer for better protection. 

The length of one tape is 5 meters with 30 mm wide. Therefore, you can journal as much as you want until satisfied. 


  • Available in two items
  • Dreamy stickers
  • Dual-layer
  • 5-meter length
  • 30 mm wide

Are you ready to make a night-them journal? Then, let’s shop for this set at only $9.95 now! 

10.0 10/10
9.0 9/10

The Washi Tape Shop Moonlight Garden Journal Reviews

Next, this Moonlight Garden Journal will be a perfect pair to the previous product. It is designed with creators, featuring 160 pages of 120gsm smooth premium paper. 

The Washi Tape Shop Moonlight Garden Journal Reviews
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Each page has dots that will align on both sides. Furthermore, you can use it for writing or drawing. The paper is durable and easy to combine with washi tape. This journal is covered with PU leather and three ribbon bookmarks.

Also, the size is compact, with 21 x 14.6 x 1.8 dimensions. Haven’t I told you it has a paper pocket on the backside? Therefore, you can put your collectibles and start journaling wherever you are! 


  • Designed with creators
  • 160-page journal
  • Made of 120sgm paper
  • Compact and durable for washi tapes
  • Suitable for writing, drawing, or journaling 

Then, prepare a budget of $31.95 and check this item out directly by clicking the link below! 

8.0 8/10
9.0 9/10

The Washi Tape Shop Pricing

As previously discussed, this company collaborates with artists to create well-made designs of washi tapes. This circumstance may lead to your opinion if the brand sells expensive things. 

Fortunately, not. The lowest price is $2.99 for a 15 x 7 mm Washi Tape. Whereas the Vintage-Washi Tape Kit is the highest you can afford, it costs $71.99. 

I recommend staying tuned to the brand’s social media for other coupon codes, giveaways, and limited promotions. Hence, are you ready to scrapbooking now? 

The Washi Tape Shop Pros and Cons

Before continuing the reading, I’ll write you the pros and cons in the middle of The Washi Tape Shop review. So here, please take a look at them! 

The Washi Tape Shop Pros

  • Provides collaboration of washi tapes with artists
  • Provides stationaries for journaling and scrapbooking
  • Suitable for all ages
  • High-quality 
  • Ships internationally
  • Provides free shipping for all orders with more than $20 
  • Provides 60-day guarantee for the undelivered package
  • Provides 14-day return policy
  • Has many good feedbacks from customers 

The Washi Tape Shop Cons 

  • It doesn’t mention the founder or owner

Is The Washi Tape Shop Worth to Buy?

Many customers are curious about the brand and search for it on Reddit. However, I can guarantee you do not need to do that since The Washi Tape Shop is worth checking and buying.

This art supplier provides the best for all worldwide customers. Furthermore, the designs are magnificent, allowing you to improve your creative skill regularly. 

Not to mention its generosity in providing complimentary international and local shipping fees for orders of $20+. Hence, don’t waste your time thinking twice. Instead, start shopping now!  

The Washi Tape Shop Customer Reviews

How Do Customers Think?

Alright, welcome to an important chapter from The Washi Tape Shop review! Special for you, I will break down Trustpilot’s 4.9/5 rating from 558 reviews regarding the company. 

The Washi Tape Shop Customer Reviews
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The rating is high, I know. Below is what a satisfied customer said about her order:

The washi tape shop has the most amazing and creative tapes. The tapes are all good qualities and the packing was done so neat. I love them so much!

She claims that the products are excellent and creative. Additionally, she believes that they have good qualities. Finally, this buyer is satisfied with the packing due to the neat packaging.

Another one said:

I was so happy with my washi tape order. It arrived in a very good time and the product was as pretty in real life as it looked online. Thank you Washi Tape Shop!

This buyer is delighted because it arrived on time. Also, the product is as same as the design on the website, making her satisfied with the purchase!

Thus, I can summarize that The Washi Tape Shop is a genuine supplier you can trust. All of the products are well-made, shipping is fast, and packing is neat. Hence, let’s shop right away!

How to Contact The Washi Tape Shop

Journaling and scrapbooking may need inspiration. So if you need any help or insights concerning the art supplies from this company, don’t hesitate to contact the team at the following methods. 

If you need an instant reply, then tell your questions on the website’s live chat. Please allow up to 48 hours to get the response. Furthermore, this company also receives a mailing to the following location. 

The Washi Tape Shop Mailing Location
116 Royal Valley Drive
Caledon Ontario L71C1A5

The Washi Tape Shop Near Me

Where To Buy The Washi Tape Shop

Art lovers must be wondering where to buy collaboration products with the artist from this brand. Luckily, you can visit the official website to get the original stationaries. 

Customers may even get a more affordable price if they apply the coupon codes available. Also, don’t forget to check on social media because the team often shares giveaways and promotions. So, let’s get the deal right now! 

The Washi Tape Shop Shipping Policy

The team needs one to five business days to ship your order. Fortunately, this art supplier ships internationally and offers a complimentary shipping fee on all orders over $20

Below is the estimated shipping period to arrive at your destination. 

US 7 – 14 working days
Canada  7 – 20 working days
Australia 7 – 20 working days
UK and Germany 7 – 14 working days
Italy, France, Spain 10 – 14 working days
Mexico 8 -20 working days
Rest of the Europe countries 7 – 20 working days
PH, South East Asia, and Oceanic 7 – 20 working days
Central and South America 15 – 25 working days
Rest of the world 15 – 25 working days

Shipping may delay due to bad weather, public holidays, and other risky situations.

The Washi Tape Shop Tracking Order

Once your order ships, the team will send a confirmation letter and a tracking number. You may track the package after 24 hours on this Tracking page.

Suppose you never received the box; you can claim a 60-day guarantee on the unsuccessful delivery. First, tell your queries regarding your order that did not arrive at your door to After that, the team will make it right with a refund. 

The Washi Tape Shop Return Policy

Things happen, and you may change your mind about the received products. If it happens to you, you can return the product within 14 days after it arrives. 

Please remember that this policy only applies to unused products in their original packaging. To request a return, get in touch with the team at

Don’t forget to provide a reason for returning and a product photo. Once the team accepts your return, you’ll receive a refund to your original payment method. 


Creativity in a scrapbook and journal can free you from stressful moments. Thanks to The Washi Tape Shop, this Ontario-based art supplier will fulfill your stationery beautifully. 

Furthermore, you won’t disappoint by buying items from this place because the designs are incredible. So, what themes do you want for your journal? Go shopping now before the stock runs out! 

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