Vinyl Moon Review

Who Is Vinyl Moon?

Vinyl has a place in our hearts. It became the best place to listen to music before the digital application was created. In this Vinyl Moon, you can bring back your memories and play music freely in your home.

Vinyl Moon Review
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Brandon Bogajewicz started this project in 2015 with a dream and a draft. He is a music curator and art director who intends to create a new press of music on vinyl. 

This company has great taste focusing on indie rock and electronic genres. Moreover, the vinyl is magnificent because you’ll receive the artwork, booklets, jackets, etc. 

Furthermore, you can see the brand features on Esquire, Forbes, RollingStone, People, etc. Many music lovers even hear its famous ideas, resulting in more than 11.3K followers on Facebook and 31.1K on Instagram. 

So if you have eyes or are interested but still confused about the brand, read this Vinyl Moon review thoroughly. For now, let’s continue reading to the next chapter! 

Why Vinyl Moon?

I must say that this company is unique, and so does its logo. Noteworthy in this chapter, I will tell you four reasons why you should go for this company. 

Why Vinyl Moon?
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To begin with, you already know that the founder is a music curator. So, this company offers quality curated music to support the newly released songs from singers or bands worldwide. In addition, it will give you more insights into the music industry. 

Besides, the brand makes original collaborations with worldwide artists and designers. They are talented, skillful, and experts in specific themes. Furthermore, their exquisite designs are only produced in one record version. 

You may find vinyl only dull. However, don’t ever think so because the company has a fresh idea for producing merchandise inside the package. Thanks to the artists, you’ll get different designs monthly. 

Last but not least, customers will benefit from subscribing to the membership. It doesn’t only offer a more affordable price, but also you can save more annually. 

Thus, this made by vinyl lovers for another company will be an excellent option for you. You’ll get artistic works and kinds of music simultaneously! 

What's On Vinyl Moon

The company sells vinyl records monthly. Starting from September 2015, the collection reached November 2022 record, namely, Volume 087. 

What's On Vinyl Moon
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Furthermore, every record has a different theme. But this Vinyl Moon review will elaborate on the two all-rounders below:

  • Vol. 076: Gaze of Cydonia
  • Vol. 077: Room For Spirits

Without further ado, let’s start the vinyl record review immediately! 

Vinyl Moon Vol. 076: Gaze of Cydonia Reviews

Vinyl record Vol. 076: Gaze of Cydonia is an excellent collaboration to commemorate December 2021. The brand works with Nahuel Bardi, a visual artist in Madrid, Spain. 

Vinyl Moon Vol. 076: Gaze of Cydonia Reviews
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Cydonia is a Mars planet texture that is similar to a human face. You can see it directly in the mask’s design in the picture above. I must say that it seems anxiously attractive. Furthermore, you may begin to ask and prepare for the days before 2022 arrives. 

When I heard the music compilation, I could feel some worries about the lyrics. But they are calming, somehow. You’ll listen to “Malm” by Moon Bounce, “Mall Goth Jazz Club” by Brooks Hudgins, “Malibu” by Kasket Club, and so on. 

This record contains a deluxe jacket with a pop-out mask, artwork printing, spot UV glass, lyrics, an art sheet, and an intro letter. So if this version is bewitched, let’s shop for it at the link below for only $34!  

8.0 8/10
Music Compilation
10.0 10/10

Vinyl Moon Vol. 077: Room For Spirits Reviews

Vol. 077: Room For Spirits is the following record press from the previous vinyl. It is a January 2022 collection that collaborates with a visual designer, Lydia Ortiz

Vinyl Moon Vol. 077: Room For Spirits Reviews
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As the name implies, the vinyl has the most free-spirited songs ever. I can hear it clearly about someone staying careless of other people’s business. But additionally, this behavior is excellent because it may save you from awkward moments. 

Some complicated songs are Sita – “Sticky Situation”, IS TROPICAL – “Hummingbird”, Litvar – “Autopoet”, and so on. The design also portrays the name excellently. You can see weird monsters, but they are free of anything. 

This press vinyl consists of psychedelic artwork in a deluxe gatefold jacket, a custom slip mat, lyrics, an art sheet, and an introduction letter. Hence, if you are free-spirit, let’s buy it for only $34 to listen to the magnificent song compilation! 

8.0 8/10
Music Compilation
7.0 7/10

How Much is Vinyl Moon?

As discussed, this music and art company offers a new look of vinyl you could never imagine before. Because the products are originals, the brand sells them exclusively. 

You will need a budget of around $34 to purchase the record. However, subscribing to a VM membership may get a lower price. The price will go as low as $31. 

Furthermore, please look at the website and social media for other discount codes and limited deals. Who knows, you’ll get a jackpot? 

How Does Vinyl Moon Work?

This company chooses a unique way to introduce music to the subscribers. It will collect ten songs from the upcoming albums and singers, then press them with the artist’s design. 

In addition, the brand’s vinyl only produces in limited numbers. Also, due to the collaboration with specific designers, you will get authentic ones you would never find anywhere else. 

Vinyl Moon Membership

As I told you before, this vinyl company offers a VM Membership divided into three. VM stands for the brand’s name. Below I will tell you the differences and which is the most popular. 

Monthly Renewal

If you are new to vinyl, this monthly subscription will work best. It requires a budget of $34 per vinyl journey. In addition, the membership will be renewed each month.

3-Month Renewal

This subscription is the most popular option among the club. You’ll pay $33/vinyl adventure. By subscribing to this type, you’ll save $12 per year. Also, the subscription renews every three months. 

Annual Renewal 

People who are used to vinyl can choose the annual renewal. It is more affordable because you only pay $31/vinyl. Moreover, you’ll get discounts of $36 per year. If you change your mind, you may stop the subscription once one year ends. 

Not to mention that those prices include the US shipping fee. So merely sit down and receive the newest records at your door! 

Vinyl Moon Jobs

Because the company collaborates with many visual artists and music curators, it may need a new and fresher face. In addition, every vinyl version has a different designer. 

If you want to collaborate with the brand, I recommend checking out the LinkedIn account. There, you will see the vacant job and the requirements needed. So, I wish you good luck! 

Vinyl Moon Pros and Cons

One thing we cannot forget from this Vinyl Moon review is the pros and cons. This comparison will assist you in defining the good and bad sides of the brand. So, here we go! 

Vinyl Moon Pros

  • Provides recorded album in the vinyl
  • Offers many merchandises
  • Made of talented artists
  • It contains all music genres
  • Provides membership and VIP Program at the more affordable prices
  • Ship internationally 
  • Offers free US shipping when you buy $75+ 
  • Provides a hassle-free return policy 

Vinyl Moon Cons

  • It doesn’t write many customer reviews on the official website. 
  • Some buyers think that the brand’s product is too expensive to buy. 

Is Vinyl Moon Worth It?

Listening to a newly released song is not easy. It requires a lot of repetition to accept the new melody. However, you can challenge yourself to hear the new vinyl from this company significantly. 

It will bring you to a new world where you may understand your current situation. So, yes, I must say that Vinyl Moon is worth checking and worth subscribing to

This company offers the most suitable curated kinds of music to listen to. Moreover, the designs are incredible to collect. If you don’t intend to subscribe, don’t worry; a one-time purchase will work! 

Is Vinyl Moon Legit?

Vinyl Moon is a legit company that you can trust. I can say that because many customers subscribe to the plans and are satisfied with the product and service. 

The brand writes everything you need, from the profile, record collection, where to buy, and even customer service. You may also check on the policies, which include shipping and return. 

If you’re unsure, check the brand out on review Reddit. It may give more insights regarding the company before purchasing your desired vinyl. 

Vinyl Moon Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Before coming to an end, this Vinyl Moon review will discuss the testimonials. This chapter is essential for wannabe buyers. Speaking of which, are you ready to see the customer’s reaction? 

Vinyl Moon Customer Reviews
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First, one sad thing is the brand doesn’t mention customer reviews on the official website. However, I can find some on CrateJoy. This company receives a 4/5 rating out of 37 reviews. 

To prove the excellent rating, one customer said:

Very impressed by the unique packaging! The album is a gorgeous work of art, the actual record and its case. Wide range of musical artists is a fun method to explore different genres. Very pleased!

This customer is impressed by the unique and gorgeous vinyl. The packaging is well-made, and she loves the music ranges. As a result, she is pleased with her purchase. 

Another one said:

I gave this to my 20 y/o son for Christmas, he is an avid record collector and music lover. The first box came, and he said it was gorgeous. After listening to it, he even fell in love with it more. A great gift idea for any music lover!

This buyer buys her son the recorded vinyl, which is gorgeous. Her son loves it so much! She believes that it is an excellent gift for music lovers. 

Therefore, I can say that there is no significant problem with the brand. Many buyers are satisfied and find the vinyl unique. Luckily, the music range is acceptable, which is relieving! 

How to Contact Vinyl Moon

This art and music combination company may attract you without realizing it. So if it does, you would have many questions about the brand. Below are four methods you can do to reach the team:

  • Shoot customer service an email to
  • Tell your inquiries at the website’s live chat
  • Send a message on Facebook: VINYL MOON
  • Hit the team a direct message on Instagram: @vinylmoonco

Please be patient if you haven’t received any answer because the team requires at least 24 hours to respond. In addition, customers may visit the brand’s office at the following address. 

Vinyl Moon Address
1976 S. La Cienega Blvd
#C211, Los Angeles
CA 90034 US 

Where to Buy Vinyl Moon

This company only sells an exclusive products designed and arranged by talented artists. So, the official website and Discogs are the two places to buy vinyl. 

If you’re the first buyer, you may receive a 10% discount code once you subscribe to the website. Also, please visit social media to get limited deals and promo codes! 


Dig deeper on Vinyl Moon

I know you have more questions about this brand. Find the answers in the following section! 

Who owns Vinyl Moon?

Brandon Bogajewicz is the founder of this company. 


Art and music are two combinations that can bring so much fun. Vinyl Moon tries to mix both in the recorded vinyl for all customers. 

It even offers new-released songs that can significantly support the artists. So if you’re a collector, look no further than this brand! Start visiting the website and do subscribe to it now! 

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