Craftsy Review

Craftsy is designed for people who are passionate about creativity. It provides a sort of creative classes, such as sewing, knitting, cake decorating, cooking, baking, and many more. All of the members are about to meet expert instructions based on the class they are following.

Craftsy Review
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It allows you to learn so many new things that will boost your skills, knowledge, and creativity. Joining the class is also a good start if you want to start a new business. You can also follow their social media platform.

This service has an official Instagram account with 482k followers. In case you want to see the overview of the activities you are going to do in the classes, subscribe to their YouTube channel. This channel has 716k subscribers so far.

Check also their TikTok account if you have an account. They share so many cool stuff and tutorial videos with their 8k+ followers. This Craftsy review will talk more about the classes, pricing, membership, and whether it is worth joining or not.

Why Shop at Craftsy?

This service offers a variety of classes. Say you love fabrics; you can join a sewing or knitting class. Those who love cooking can improve their skills by following cake decorating, baking, or cooking class. You are about to meet experts in each class with so many fun creative projects to accomplish. 

Craftsy Highlights

  • You can join a variety of creative classes.
  • An expert from each category will guide the class. 
  • You get recipes, patterns, tutorials, and anything you want to finish your project. 

What's On Craftsy Review

You will get exclusive premium content once you sign up for a membership. The content facilitates you to focus on something you love. Creating something!

Craftsy Popular Categories

Go Craftsy Review

Go Craftsy Premium is a paid version of the service. The members are about to get unlimited access to tips, techniques, and tricks. All of them are served by world-class experts. It involves experts in over 20 industries.

Go Craftsy Review
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The source knowledge is in a variety of formats, such as videos, articles, plans, and many more. Tutorials are also accessible, where you can get detailed instructions step-by-step. Ask your expert tutor in case you have a problem while finishing the project.

Best of all, the community will not stop when the class is ended up. You can still connect to it by joining the community, subscribing to the weekly newsletters, and following live events.

This service offers two types of memberships, a monthly or annual premium membership. The monthly membership is only $10, whereas the annual membership is only $97

Craftsy Drawing Class Review

Are you passionate about drawing? Joining a drawing class is a good option. This service provides you with expert artists to guide you through drawing from scratch to a fascinating art! It doesn’t matter whether you want to use a pencil or pen.

Craftsy Drawing Class Review
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You will find many attractive drawing courses in this program. Starting from drawing doodles, comic books, animation, coloring books, and many more. The good news is that some classes are free and others are included in the premium package.

Everyone can join, whether you are a beginner or an advanced artist. They also provide a variety of learning materials, such as DVDs, articles, and videos. The cost for the classes varies, starting from $4.99 to $70.00. It seems that the Craftsy drawing classes review encourage you to check the detail. 

Craftsy Gold Membership Review

This course also has a gold membership. Gold membership offers a variety of benefits for its members. For instance, there will be a bunch of useful and updated information regularly for you. All skills and knowledge come directly coming from the experts.

Craftsy Gold Membership Review
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Best of all, there is a discount of up to 95%. It means that the gold membership cost is so affordable. You also get an opportunity to become a gold member at the lowest price. You are lucky because of knowing this Craftsy gold membership review.  

Craftsy App

Learning how to make crafts is straightforward now. This service also develops an app for its members. The app is available on Android and iPhone devices. You only have to go to AppStore or Google Play Store.

Craftsy App
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Download and install the app on your device for free. Log in to the app when it is ready to use. Use all features, including saving videos, downloading videos, and accessing premium classes.

It keeps your craft learning fun! This Craftsy app review explains a lot about how fun and easy learning all the courses. 


Craftsy Pricing 

The price of the courses varies depending on the category you want to take. The average price starts from $4.99 to $70.00. They also provide free materials for non-premium and non-gold members. There are also special offers:

  • 70% off for all classes if using a discount code.
  • 95% off when joining gold membership.  

Craftsy Premium vs. Gold Membership

Craftsy premium vs. gold membership, which one is better? Well, basically, a Gold membership is better because it gives you more benefits, including:

  • It gives you free access to over 1.500 premium online courses.
  • You also get access to exclusive live-streaming events.
  • You will receive regular news and updates.
  • You can even share your membership with up to 3 people.
  • It provides so many materials and tutorials from over 20 different creative industries.
  • You have access to download videos for free.

Craftsy Pros and Cons 

After reviewing this online course, we find some pros and cons, such as the benefits, cost, and membership system.

Craftsy Pros

  • This course invites professional tutors from over 20 different creative industries. 
  • The cost for each course is affordable. 
  • The courses provide a lot of trusted sources to create artistic works. 

Craftsy Cons

  • It seems that this service should fix the auto-renewal system. 

Is Craftsy Worth It?

Yes, Craftsy is a worthy online service, especially if you love something creative. The sources and tutors are trusted. You can even improve your skill and experience in a business and build your personal craft brand. 

Is Craftsy Worth It?
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Craftsy Customer Service

Send your message to their email address: You can also contact customer service by phone at 1-888-891-7203. They are ready to serve you from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM from Monday through Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, they serve customers from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

They will reply to your question, complaints, and anything you want to know about this course. The customer service is closed on specific holidays, including New Year, President’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and others. 

Where To Buy Craftsy

Visit the official website, to buy the online courses you want. Create an account and use it to buy a membership and access all the materials you need. 


The questions below will help you to understand this service better before joining it.  

Is Craftsy any good?

Is Craftsy any good? Yes! Imagine that you have access to meet professional tutors with a bunch of trusted materials. You will create at least one artwork by the time the class is ended. At least, your skill and experience in creating something are improved significantly more than before.  

Is Craftsy a legitimate site?

Yes, you will get all the facilities and services once you pay for the membership. The things you get include high-quality videos from trusted tutors, downloadable sources, the latest information, access to the community and events, and many more. 

Is Craftsy membership worth it?

Indeed, Craftsy membership is worth it. The price is affordable. The most interesting part is that you get access to precious materials that will improve your skills and knowledge. Imagine if you can create a personal craft brand after joining this course. 

Is it hard to cancel Craftsy?

No, it is not. You only have to contact customer service by email at Alternatively, you can also do it on your online account. The system allows you to access the sources until the cancelation time. 

Can you cancel Craftsy at any time?

Yes, you can do it. The thing you should understand is that the membership cancellation will be done on the next billing cycle. In case you are joining an annual membership and are not satisfied with it, you can cancel the membership in the first 30 days. Craftsy will give you your money back. 


Based on the Craftsy review above, this course is recommended to all people who want to spend their free time doing something productive. The process will be fun and directed because of the tutors and precious materials.

Plus, you will meet other new people who have the same hobby as you. The cost of the courses is also affordable. You can use this opportunity to fill your free time or even to be an entrepreneur who will develop a personal brand.  

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